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You will call the Armadillo home when you choose one of our Jungle Rooms. They're spacious and come with a huge shared porch, ideal for larger groups. Perfect for a quiet week/end getaway.


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Our Jungle Rooms are perfect for when you want to  getaway.

Howler Cabin 1-2- 3: Large shared porch with a small gap between rooms (no adjoining walls). Ocean views and rainforest views to the side. Electric hot water heaters.

Toucan Cabin 10-11- 12-13: Rooms have adjoining walls and a large shared porch with ample ocean views and rainforest views to the side. Solar hot water.

Tyra Cabin 14: Standalone cabin with a rainforest and fruit tree view. Solar hot water.


Full Board Experience
– Ocean views
– Pristine springfed water source
– No flat screen TVs enjoy nature in full surround sound
– Luxurious outdoor bathrooms
– Solar heated outdoor showers
– Organic soaps, shampoo, and conditioner
– Orthopedic Mattress(es)

– Ceiling fan
– Wireless the Main Lodge

Reservation Check availability.

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