Yoga Classes, Retreats, and Teacher Training in the Jungle

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Yoga Classes, Retreats and Teacher Training in the Jungle

Tiskita hosts daily yoga classes as well as intensive retreats and workshops to give you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge and experience of all the 8 limbs of yoga. All levels of experience are always welcome, from beginner to experienced yogi!

Jess Inman, who joined the Tiskita team last year as our in-house yoga instructor and Ayurvedic masseuse and therapist is back again this year! She has spent the last year traveling around Central and South America and increasing her knowledge of yoga and healing.

Jess has a 500 hr yoga teaching qualification in Karuna yoga (Iyengar inspired) and has been teaching regular classes to the public and privately since 2012. She incorporate aspects of physical postures, breathing, meditation and relaxation into her classes and is able to work with a range of abilities as needed. She also works as an Ayurvedic Health Practitioner which includes many types of Ayurvedic massage and body therapies along with health consultations.

Our idea is to host retreats which aren’t just a retreat but where you could come away with a deeper knowledge of yoga as well. A taste of what a Teacher Training would be like. We are hosted an initial retreat last April and will also offer a full 10-day Retreat and Workshop soon with Jess as well (check our activities and schedule for details).

During our retreats we take an in-depth look into postures, breathing techniques, meditation and more. It’s guaranteed to give you everything you need to create more health and happiness in your life!

Asana classes will explore  a variety of yoga postures in-depth; looking at their functions and benefits while interactive talks/workshops will focus on yoga philosophy on the following topics:

  • 8 limbs of yoga: yamas
  • 8 limbs of yoga : niyamas
  • (The yamas and niyamas are guidelines to follow and practices to observe to assist in the obtainment of happiness/unity/enlightenment)
  • 8 limbs of yoga: pranayama (breathing)
  • 8 limbs of yoga: pratyahara, Dharana, dhyana, samadhi (aspects of meditation)
  • chakras and nadis

Evening activities will focus on Yoga Nidia (guided relaxation) and an introduction to the emotional freedom technique.

All meals will be 100% vegetarian offering a variety of different options and delicious fruit frescos available during the day.

Contact us via email at or check out our Activities page for class or retreat schedules.