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There are many activities to choose from that are included with your visit to Tiskita. As part of our Full Board  Experience, guests can choose one of of the following adventures per day.

  • Rainforest guided walk (see map)
  • Morning Bird watch expedition - Tiskita Birding List
  • Guided tide pool walk
  • Visit to the local pueblito Punta Banco
  • Seasonal trip through the orchard June - Sept

They're sure to help you disconnect from the chaotic modern world and plug into something incredibly special that can only be experienced here at Tiskita.



Nature Walks

When you travel to Costa Rica, chances are you want to experience the rainforest and you hope to see wildlife. Tiskita has over 9 miles of extensive, well-marked trail systems to help you with that.

Explore the Rainforest

The trails go through Tiskita Private Biological Reserve, which is all rainforest, and into the organic orchard. Maps are available if you would like to explore Tiskita by yourself (guests only).

Private Biological Reserve

Organic Orchard

Hiking trails at Tiskita

Guided Walks & Tours

Tiskita has knowledgeable guides that are excellent at spotting wildlife. The guided walks and tours start at the lodge. The large trail system can accommodate any fitness level. Rubber boots and walking sticks are available at the lodge, free of charge.

Guided Walks

There are many options for guided walks in Tiskita. An easily accessible trail is “the stream trail”, a trail that follows a small creek through the rainforest. A longer and tougher hike is “the back trail”, a trail that loops around the reserve.

If you are not a guest at Tiskita, but you would like to go on a guided walk, please contact us.

Night Tour

For those interested to experience the rainforest at night, Tiskita offers a night tour when the conditions are right (moon, weather, animal activity etc.)


Anybody can go birdwatching at Tiskita, there are so many birds around that you’ll easily spot many different species throughout the day. Tiskita’s guides are well trained in spotting and identifying birds, so they can help you find even more.

Fruit Tasting Tour

Tiskita’s organic orchard is situated in a small valley fringed by the jungle. Over 125 types of native and exotic tropical fruit grow in the orchard, a great location for spotting wildlife.

Sample delicious seasonal fruit, such as Cacao (Chocolate), Anona, South American Sapote, Starfruit, and Mangosteen.

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Activity and Adventure


Full Day Activities

Nature Walk$30

Nature guides will take you on an informative stroll throughout the property pointing out flora and fauna.Visit waterfalls, the organic orchard, and learn all about the biological reserve.


Join our guide on a trek through the jungle as they help you to find some of the endemic species that call Tiskita their home.Perfect day for birders. See our birdlist for a taste of what's in store on this tour.

Night Tour$30

The nights at Tiskita are even more wild than the days. Our guides will take you out to visit with Red-eyed tree frogs, Kinkajous, Owls, Pacas, armadillos, and porcupines. Use a blacklight to see bioluminescent fungi or even scorpions!

Mountain Bike Rental$gratis

Pedal around town or up and down the mountains and beaches on a bicycle. The greenest mode of transportation around.


Join a class book a private session on our yoga deck with a certified yoga instructor.

Chocolate Workshop$15

Join staff as we discuss cocao cultivation and the process of making chocolate. You'll be getting up to your elbows in the sweet stuff as you make your own organic chocolate bars.

Tortilla Workshop$15

Participate in a special cooking class and learn all about the magic of making tortillas. A cultural and food staple of the Latin American diet.

** Free of Charge **

Beach towels, rubber boots, body-boards and snorkel gear are all available at the lodge for your convenience

1/2 day adventures

Horseback Riding - 1/2 day$45

Ride along the trails through the rainforest and our bioreserve, take a trip to Pavones, trot along the beach or let us design a custom trip just for you.

Golfo Dulce Boat Tour - 1/2 day (1-4 ppl)$300

Explore a rare tropicl fjord of which there are only 3 in the world! Odds are in your favor to spot dolphins, turtles or whales.

Whale Watching Tour - 1/2 day (1-15 ppl)$226-315

Seasonal tour to watch the whales visit Golfo Dulce as they breed and raise their young. 

Dolphin Tour - 1/2 day (1-15 ppl)$226-315

Costa Rica a dolphin hotspot. Watch them splash and play in the wake of your boat as you cruise around the Golfo Dulce.

Mangrove Boat Tour - 1/2 day (1-15 PPL)$265-315

Enjoy a boat ride through the Zancudo mangrove estuary. Learn about the amazing biodiversity, plants and animals that call these special places their home.

Surf Lessons 1/2 day$70

Local instructors will take you out to hit the waves. From beginner to semi-pro, we've got you covered. **surfboard included

Ocean Fishing - 1/2 day (1-4 ppl)$300

Local fishermen will take you out looking for Red Snapper, Yellowfin Tuna, Roosterfish, Kingfish, Dorado, Mackerel and more.

** No Commission **

To support the local community, Tiskita does not take commissions from the local guides and instructors.

** All rates are in USD and include taxes**

Rates are per person unless otherwise indicated

The activities that require guides or instructors are carried out by local experts that have a long history of working with Tiskita

The Wonders of Nature

The activities included with your visit to Tiskita are sure to help you disconnect from the chaotic modern world and plug into something incredibly special that can only be experienced here at Tiskita.

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